I have two pc`s which i have built my self.
the first one is :
chaintech zenith 7njs
amd athlon xp 2200 <which reads xp2200+ 1.80Ghz>
gforce3 ti200 128mb <500ghz>
creative audigy
516 ddr
9038 mad onion.
the second one which has the problem is:
asus a7v8x-x
amd xp2600 <which reads xp2000+ 2.08Ghz>
516 ddr <333>
the multiplyer is 12.5 and the speed is 166
i know the speed is at the right setting, but why does the mother board read it as a xp2000+ when the actual speed is running at 2.08Ghz which is right for an xp2600.
i have taken the 2600xp and stuck it in the chaintech done the bios set up and it reads in windows system: xp2600+ running at 2.09Ghz!!!
stick the xp2200 in the ASUS and it reads: xp2200+ running at 1.80Ghz which is fine!!!
swap them around again and the ASUS REFUSES to read the xp2600, it just reads amd xp2000+ running @ a speed of 2.08Ghz which is right for a 2600 its just not reading it as one.
so i know its a fault with the ASUS M/board but is it a problem???
it wouldnt normally bother me, as long as its running at the right speed, which it is. Its just i built it for some one and i want to make sure its going to work ok.
So PLEASE no more talk of "is the multiplyer set to 12.5 and the speed set @ 166", because it is!!!! and ive over clocked it to 2.22Ghz from 2.08Ghz just to make sure and it has 2600 printed on the cpu.
So i just want to know if its a quirk or a problem??
thanks for all your responces in the past
and i value your opinions.
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  1. update to a more recent bios. Sounds like a bios glitch.

    Proud owner of DOS 3.3 :smile:
  2. i up dated the bios once on my old asus a7v333 board and all went horribly wrong, internet deleted the bios told me it had finished, so i exited `wrong` then i had no bios. no one told me "NOT to follow the asus instructions!" spent ages looking for someone to flash my bios, then i found Bad flash.com and the sent me a chip over from USA to london, bit of a long trip just to flash the bios, any way the bios is 1006 on an asus a7v8x-x xp2600
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