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hi i have got 2 laptops a hp and a packard bell i am trying to get them both online at the same time but with no luck. i can connect one laptop but if i want to connect the other i have to disconnect the one that is connected, turn off the router by the wall, shut down the other laptop, turn the router back on and boot up the other laptop. the laptop trhen connects to internet fine but if i want the other one to connect i have to go through that whole proceedure again with that one. can anyone help me with this? i am using virgin broadband and a lynsky router
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  1. Make sure you are using DHCP to assign IP addresses. If your laptops have the same fixed IP address, you'll only be able to use one of them at a time.
  2. jtt283 what your sayin sounds like like it makes sence as i set up both computers but im not very good with computers how do i change the ip addresses on each laptop? what do i change them too?
  3. yes im conecting wireless im not sure what model router it is but i only bought it around october
  4. Go into your Network Connections, and check the Properties page of your TCP/IP protocol. There should be an option there to use DHCP to get an address. You can either use that, and your router will assign a unique IP address to each one, or if you have assigned an IP address, make sure they're different.
    If you choose the former, you may need to go to your router's configuration page and make sure DHCP is turned on, but it usually is by default.
  5. i am also totaly new to windows 7 and that is the sytem im running on now, so even though i know what you are meaning i aint got a clue where everythin is on windows 7
  6. Those things are in Control Panel.
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