Good brand of laptop to buy for travelling use

good brand of laptop to buy please advise
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  1. Do you want to game? then m11x. nuff said
  2. do you want to listen to advice based on your 1 line inquiry? then please do what qwerty 45 says and buy a dell that probably won't fit your needs.

    If not, please give us a little more information about things like budget, use of the laptop, etc.
  3. I couldn't agree more. What type of laptop you need for traveling greatly depends on how you are going to use it; what personal preferences you have and your tolerance for weight.

    Please take time to give that information so we can give you our opinions. We all have opinions and use our laptops for different purposes. For example, I travel about 30% of the time going through airports multiple times a week so I like a certain type of laptop that fits my needs and isn't one of the heavy models but also not a super light weight because I do like a built in DVD drive. So you see, from one line I would recommend you get one just like mine...i travel. However, you notice that I haven't recommended anything--i have tried to get you to think about how you are going to use it, how often you travel and what kind of travel so that we can tell you what we think and make that information valuable to you.

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