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I puchased a Bose Cinemate 2 Series theater system and I believe stopped functioning properly, due to a surge from our air conditioning unit that runs off the same breaker. Not sure if it was related but I've noticed surges from this same area over the years. Need suggestions or help? Surge protector needed? Would it help?
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  1. Absolutely, i installed a surge protector at every single installation i have done over the past 15 years. At bare minimum go with something like:

    Lifetime warranty on the unit itself, as well as a guarantee your equipment doesnt get taken out by power.

    for a few bucks more, you can get:

    Same deal, but has a line filter for your cable signal.

    If did indeed lose your equipment due to power, both of these would have replaced the damaged equpipment.

    Bear in mind, many different companies have surge protection, i'd stick with Monster, Belkin, Panamax. I've had extensive experience with Monster, and Panamax, but i am confident in belkin as well.
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