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Hi guys. 1 or 2 months ago I fried my old Athlon XP 1600, and bought a new XP 2400 to replace it. Well ever since then, my computer has been taking -forever- to boot up. It does the normal POST stuff and then the screen just turns black for about 2 minutes and then goes to windows. The monitor light is still green and not orange during that time. My old 1600 never did this (usually was loading windows after 20-25 seconds), so I'm just wondering if anyone has any ideas.

Anyway, the fast boot option in the BIOS is on, and I have not changed any hardware since this happened. Here are my system specs

Windows XP Pro
Asus A7V266
AMD Athlon Xp 2400
Crucial 256 MB RAM
Chaintech GEforce3 ti200 64 mb
WD 120 gb 7200 RPM hard drive

Anything else, just ask.

Thanks for reading

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  1. This could happen if you have a hardware conflict, or if part of your board left with the old cpu. Other than changing the cpu, did you add or move anything?
    Have you flashed to a new bios?

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  2. Try resetting the BIOS to dafaults.

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  3. after you reset your bios to defaults you should re-install the OS because like mainboards or video cards the processors are crucial components,so it's better to make a clean install before you use it. that's what i did some months ago when i upgraded my processor from a 1200 duron to XP 2200+
  4. No, there should be no need for a clean install. That's only necessary when there's a whole bunch 'o' drivers which need changing, such as when changing a motherboard. as far as the OS is concerned, it's just a faster processor, so does not need anything changed, driver-wise.

    I know you can get this problem on Win98(not sure about XP tho) if you have a network adapter which has not been given a fixed IP address. If this is the case for you, try assigning a fixed address (e.g. to your network adapter under network properties in windows, or (if your LAN is on your mobo not an add-in card) just disable the network adapter in BIOS.

    Obviously if you don't have a LAN port at all, you can ignore me!

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  5. Generally, it is not required to reload your whole system. But I would install a new fresh copy. It sounds like a hardware conflict - I had a Pinnacle TV Card in my system and it worked well, but I noticed it made my bootup time longer (by about 20 seconds). When Windows Starts up, it does a hardware scan to see if there is any new hardware that it needs to install. Try reseating all your cards. If this don't work - I'd reccomend a fresh install. Besides, there's nothing like a fresh install.
  6. There's a MS (not third party) that will definitely improve boot speeds, it's called Bootvis. It works very well, improves boot times of already fast-booting systems by about 5 secs and can cut boot times in half for slow-booting systems, works only on XP, which you have.
    For some reason MS no longer lets people download it, I don't know why, it's not too big and if you give me an E-mail address I'll send it you (just remember that I'm not responsible for anything, though I don't think there'll be a problem).
    If anyone knows why you can no longer get the file from MS site, like they found out that it was flawed (boy, would that be a shock!), please tell me.

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