Cant get 1080p from component cable, the tv is full hd

Hey, Just bought a new tv, a 52 inch Sharp (LC-52LE831S) its working great and all except i can't get 1080p from the component cables on my xbox. I could this on my old tv. My new tv is a full HD tv so does this mean it only supports 1080p through HDMI cables or am i missing something? any insight or help would be greatly apriciated.
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  1. component can only do up to 1080i you will need an HDMI cable to do 1080p
  2. thing is I had 1080p from my xbox through component cable with my old tv, and that worked fine. also did a google search and from what i read component cable do carry 1080p. i googled some more and found some random forums that sais that alot of new tvs dont support 1080p through component cable because its analog and that new tvs only accept 1080p from pc imputs and hdmi. Im wondering if this could be the case.
  3. just get a HDMI cable way better ?
  4. I would but the problem is my xbox is first generation so in order for me to get hdmi i would have to purchase a new xbox... the first gen only have component/scart as an option
  5. well best option is set it to 1080i
  6. It could be that the TV only accepts 1080p via a digital signal (HDMI cables are more expensive to sell you than component). Not really sure, seems a bit odd to me.

    If you say you got it on the old TV and not the new one using the same setup otherwise, odds are something about the new TV is now allowing it to go through as a progressive signal.

    I don't know of a fix, but in any event I know its annoying, but if you're happy with the TV otherwise just take the 1080i and be happy. I know its not the best, but the difference is very small and not really noticeable unless you're looking for it.
  7. yeah ive come to the same conclusion, going to borrow some hdmi cables and try connect my pc just to make sure the tv does actualy show 1080p from hdmi. if it does then its ok. if it doesnt show 1080p from that eighter then im returning it cuz then something is broken. thanks for the replys folks, apriciate it.
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