Edifier 5000 pro subwoofer giving Thud sound

Hi Guys..
I bought a Edifier 5000 pro 5.1 speaker 5 days back.
I have been experiencing a thud noise from my sub woofer when I play bass heavy songs like 50 cents at lower volumes.. itr sounds like someone is knocking the door.. however when i increase the volume the bass covers the thud noise.
When i play slow beats there is no thud noise..
Could you guys tell me what could be the problem.. can i fix it by myself?

Thanks in Advance guys ..
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  1. i would guess there to only a few possible sources of this thud , the easiest to find with minimal technical information would be the enclosure , all it takes for a subwoofer enclosure to make this type of noise is on loose panel or joint , on the same train of thought if you have a dud of a driver in your sub woofer the speaker itself could make this sound , and the third possibility and i would think highly unlikely is the amplifier or source distorting or clipping . you will have to investigate , don't overlook your listening room or items in the room . but i would take a look at the subwoofer , the enclosure , might have to take a part a little to really get a good look at what is going on, but maybe you would be better off trying to get a different sub under warranty . hope this helps if not give some more info
  2. Thanks Jacob.
    I have a pretty small room and I have connected the speakers to my desktop directly. And I am using the onboard sound card. Since I have never opened a subwoofer Is it a good idea to open the subwoofer myself?
  3. u dont htink it may just be the tight sound of that woofer?
  4. c'mon..

    nobody should be listening that closely to sounds and calling it out as a mechanical malfunction.

    a mechanical characteristic maybe.
    if you have a muddy subwoofer and are on a forum talking about 'the subwoofer makes a thud noise'

    AND you didnt properly express yourself by telling us exactly what or how you heard it..
    you are going to give yourself a heart attack when you upgrade your speakers.
    because the differences are that noticeable.
    you dont have to lean in at all.
    if you do find yourself leaning in.. you have a problem with wasting money/time.

    i can only think..
    when does a subwoofer bottom out and not make a loud noise?
    maybe the excursion is designed that way to make the point of contact really soft..?

    for what it is worth..
    the person said the thud noise is always there when the excursion is there.
    they didnt say if the thud was coming from the speaker cone or the port.

    i say we ask the person to clarify.. or leave the question to rot in its lacking effort.

    so what is it coming from..?
    the subwoofer cone or the port?

    no reason the low volume would be causing such a thud, unless the excursion is high.
  5. tell me the song u used to hear this "thud"

    songs like kanye west gold digger, the intro bass line, bops a lot. like someone knocking a door, but obvisouly more brutish and deeper. sub tested: MK xenon 12, and a pc set: razer mako.
  6. I am pretty sure i can differentiate a bassy sound and a thud sound.
    It sounds like a plastic bubble bursting.. or popcorn popping sound..
    I played BEP - Just cant get enough
    Kanye west - good life.

    I have attached the pic of my subwoofer - The middle one!

    I tried recording video of it through my cellphone, but the sound isnt that clear.
  7. the plastic bubble bursting was enough for me.

    apparently ... the subwoofer dust cap is smacking the magnet OR the voice coil is smacking the magnet.

    if you wanted to..
    you could get a paper towel roll and see if you can locate the noise from anywhere besides the dustcap area.
    that would simply suggest there is something the cone is touching, maybe a glued wooden brace has come unglued and the cone is touching it, causing the noise.

    if i was you..
    (although i havent seen the picture because it wont load)
    i would unscrew the subwoofer and have a look inside to make certain nothing was making contact with the speaker cone.
    after learning that..
    i would be looking for a limiter to keep the cone from smacking itself Or simply not worry about it.

    you could try putting some polyfil in the port to slow down the cone enough to prevent it from smacking.
    the output goes down, and you might have an urge to turn it back up and cause it to smack again.
    with the correct texture of polyfil you can straighten out the frequency response.
    (sometimes people glue different textures together to get the final result by clumping it together in little bunches at the port)
    it needs a glued in screen on both sides of the polyfil to keep the stuffing in place.

    a metal mesh grill can have the same effect.
    some get serious and use different size hole patterns throughout the entire metal grill.
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