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So I'm planning on getting an HDTV because my current gaming set up is unsatisfactory.
I'm deciding between two Toshiba TV's, a 24" 1080p TV.

And it's sister, the 32" 720p.

I'm just going to put it in my bedroom, roughly 5 feet from my bed. Should I go for a bigger TV with less resolution, or the smaller, denser resolution TV for only $20 less? Is 8" inches and less resolution worth only $20?

Thanks so much!
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  1. Obviously I would say look for a 32 inch thats 1080p in that pricerange.

    But if its only between these two, go with the larger one. 720 vs 1080 won't be extremely noticeable at that size, and 24 inch is kind of small for a TV in my opinion.
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