Wireless Rechargeable USB Mouse with Sidebuttons, anyone?

I had an optical "Genius" mouse, worked hard for a good 6 years and now the scroll is giving me s***.

Whatever let's just get something else that lasts another 6 years, yeah?

Now, what do I want?

-Rechargeable battery. None of that AA crap, rechargeable or not.
-Rechargeable (and usable while being recharged) by USB connection.
-Extra side buttons, scroll, good dpi, nice grip, durable materials/paint, all that good stuff you expect from the average mouse that you expect to use for graphics design for years to come.

Too much to ask? Not from tomshardware.
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  1. I did some research and the Logitec Perfomance MX caught my eye. Has exactly every feature I want.

    But after reading some negative reviews it looks like it lasts only a few months. Do not want.

    So...what else is there?
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