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Im looking for an affordable TV for my house. My ex-wife took my 55" and Im in need of another, but am on a budget.
I found this, but because it's so cheap, I was wondering if its quality.
Its a bundle that includes the 50" LCD, home theatre, hdmi cable and a DVD player for 630 bucks.
This sounds like a smashing deal, but is the TV crap?
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  1. I have a pretty good 2 speaker set up and a DVD player, so would this be a better deal, since I dont NEED the speakers/DVD player?
    I dont like buying refurbed, but Im on a budget, and its 5" bigger, faster refresh rate, is wifi and 3D. Is it worth it?
    PS: My DVD player is NOT BluRay, if it matters.
  2. I wouldn't recommend a RCA TV. Do they still exist? I'd be skeptical about the A/S it provides as well. I think LG and Sony make the best TV sets. Any TV above 42", I dont recommend going too "Cheap".
  3. Whats so bad about RCA?
    And, im on a really tight budget, so is the other TV any better?
    If not, could you suggest a good 50"-60" tv for under 700$?

    EDIT: a 2 year warrenty is 65 and a 3 is 99 so Id probably get the 3 for 730.
    I know I could get a better brand TV for this price, but Im getting the 3$ more 2pk of hdmi, a sound system AND a DVD player..
    Its really temping offer.
  4. Also, Id perfer 1080p, but I guess I cant be too picky on my budget.
    Also, I want bottom speakers, because I only have 60" width, so I could fit a 60" diag tv if it has bottom speakers.
  5. RCA is now considered a junk brand by 99.999% of experts. The real question is, do you want to save $100, and sacrifice image quality, or spend a little more now, and be happy with your purchase for years. If you do end up buying the RCA, buy the warranty, you'll probably use it.

    TL DR I wouldn't touch the RCA brand with a 10 foot pole. There are too many good options for a bit more money.

    For quality sets between 650-750 bucks, look at the following (everything is 1080p)

    I guarantee any of the above sets would completely blow the RCA out of the water in terms of image quality, and build quality.
    Best of luck.
  6. Best to my knowledge, LG LM6200 would fit with your requirement at a very competitive price. This TV possess full HD 1080p image and PQ is exceptionally good.
    Try this model only if you're a fan of passive 3d though.
  7. They're right with what they said about the quality of those brands. I think you should get something from the more trusted brands. Anyway, not all of them are that expensive. For some of them, you only have to stretch your budget a bit more. I strongly believe that quality should never be sacrificed because of price. If you do that you'll end up paying more. Someone recommended lg's lm6200 smart 3d tv and what I know is you can get the 47" for just around $900.
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