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I have a Visio VO37L - 10A HDTV and a new Toshiba X775 using Win 7 oerating system having an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 500M GPU with Optimus set for compatible Visio signal resolution connected with a Monster HDMI 1000 HDX Hyper Speed HDMI Cable with Ethernet. The Toshiba shows the screen connection has been made by identifying the Visio. However, after the Visio goes through the "Retreiving Data" step it continues to show me "No Signal". I have gone through various start sequences and tested all 3 HDMI connetions on the Visio without resolving the problem. Have you any recommendations? Cheers.
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  1. There may be a port select in the video software, you may have to set it to HDMI.
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