Xbox 360 connected to monitor but no sound

just like the title says, i have my xbox connected to my monitor. but when i start playing xbox i have no sound.

few things that should be known, to help anyone out there, to help me:
1. my xbox is connected to my monitor using a HMDI cable, my computer is connected to my monitor, using a VGA cable.
2. im using the componenet cable as well, with an adapter for the red/white cables to combine the two, into one little headphone jack, and have it connected from my xbox, to my microphone slot in my computer, to apparently push out the sound through my speakers (as 5 other forums have told me to do so)

and thus, still leaving me with no sound. any help?!?!
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  1. I'm not 100% on this but try using a VGA cable to connect your XBox to your monitor and see if you get sound then. I'm not sure if you can mix and match HDMI and analog signals. The HDMI is supposed to carry both video and sound through one cable as a digital signal. So if you do get sound with the VGA cable connected, then you know what your issue is and you have to get a new video card with an HDMI input. Good Luck!
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