Does LG 42LM6690 have internet connectivity?

Recently I visited a small get together and there I saw this model. I was shy to ask someone there but i am curious to know that whether there is any inbuilt internet connectivity in this TV?
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  1. :hello: All the LM series model launched in India (except LM6400) come with inbuilt WiFi. So relax, there is nothing to be shy, hope you have got your query asnwered now. For more details on this model check out
  2. I don't know what model is its counterpart here in the US but Mansukh is right. I haven't seen a model from LM series that doesn't have a built in wifi. My smart 3d tv is from the same line.
  3. FYI.. LG G2 models have built-in wifi, too.
  4. Yes of course it does. It has a pretty fast processor for your wifi connection. I am pretty sure that most of Smart TVs have wifi built in now.
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