Win 7 so slow its unusable

I booted one of my older rigs up and it is so slow it is unusable. It takes 10 min to boot into windows and you pretty much cant do anything in windows either its so slow once you click on something it takes 5 min to actually select the icon after you click it. I had this rig running fine 5 days ago. I have tried reformatting and worked fine for a day then booted up again and same thing. I was wondering if anyone has any insight if its the OS itself or if it is issue with some of the hardware ? I was thinking possibly Hard drive but never seen or heard of this before. Any insight would be great thank you.
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    Hi :)

    Failed hard drive or virus....

    All the best Brett :)
  2. Hard to say without any specs - How much RAM is in the system - what type of GPU and is it sharing memory with the system - If windows is running out of memory and using the swap file from disc that will slow things to a crawl but without knowing the system it is hard to say what other things could be causing it as well.
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  4. thanks for the feedback it was the hard drive i just have never had one that has failed but still worked!
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