wrong CPU voltage

While swapping around CPUs , I forgot to change the voltage
from 1.775 (palamino) which showed 1.80 according to mbm5 & others (A7N8X 2.0)back to 1.65 for my barton 2500
which ran fine (11x200)at stock voltage
so for 4 days I was running the barton @ 1.80 volts
before I noticed and changed
everything is fine as always , but did it hurt the barton
from it running at such high Vcore (1.8) ??
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  1. Probably not, many overclockers run at that voltage, if it was stable then you didnt hurt anything (maybe took like a month off of the cpus life but no biggie).

    If it isn't a P6 then it isn't a procesor
    110% BX fanboy
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