I have an athlon k7-550,in a ms6167 mobo.can i use a k7-800
thunderbird?if so what do i set my bios to?
thanks, aliengmr
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  1. Umm.. I believe that motherboard uses the old 'Slot-A' for connecting the processor, and IIRC the thunderbird was never made in that form, only for socket A. It's possible that someone manufactures an adapter, but you'd probably be better off buying a new mobo and an athlon XP or Duron.

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  2. I believe most Slot-A boards didn't support Thunderbirds, but since a few did, your best chance to find out is to look at MSI's website.

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  3. should work with latest bios update. u have ms6167 ver a or b ?
  4. Thanks for reply,the board is printed ms6167 ver:1, i don't know if that will help.it will bootup but stops at the memory testing.i also don't know if it's an authentic TB.
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