Looking for a good tv.

I have a 6year old TV and now I'm ready for a bigger, newer set. Ultimately, picture quality is an absolute priority, and will be mainly used for off-air general use, and disc playback. Not too bothered about 3d capability, wi-fi, etc... but will take it if its there. I have shortlisted the following. Tosh 46TL20, LG 47LM6700, or Sony KDL-46HX850. Any comments?
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  1. Among, Toshiba, LG and Sony, I would go for the LG LM6700. Of the 3 brands, only LG and Toshiba has passive 3D technology but Toshiba's 2011 line up were ok but their 2012 line up is dreadful. LG's 2012 line up is pretty much top-tier now. In my opinion, passive 3D creates a better-looking overall image than an active-shutter 3D. Plus passive 3D glasses are lighter and less expensive than active ones.
  2. I'm a big fan of the LG line this year. Though comparing it to the HX850, you get a lot of bonuses with that set. Both are going to be top notch image quality.

    The Sony has incredible black levels, and shadow detail, which is important for darker scenes and movies. It also uses gorilla glass on the front, so it's a very tough screen, and easy to keep clean.

    The LG is a piece of art. It's one of the very best television designs i've ever seen. It has extremely vibrant colors, and is a very very good all around performer.

    If i had to chose, i'd pick the Sony for pure image quality, as my only tiny nitpick with the LG, is the light bleed is more noticable on a letterboxed image. If i was picking for my house (and keeping the wife happy) i would chose the LG. Either way, you won't go wrong.
  3. Sony is a well established brand when it comes to tvs and I've seen that LM6700 before because my tv came from the same line. Samsung, Sony, Panasonic and LG's picture quality are all the same to me. Maybe because I'm not what they call as a videophile. Features are very similar too although personally, I prefer passive 3d that LG has. I didn't buy my tv just because of that though. What made a great impact on me is the price difference between the other brands and LG. Like for the KDL-46HX850 and LM6700 their price difference is around $800.
  4. I guess you are looking for a LED TV. Go for the LG one. I highly recommend it as an owner of the same series.
  5. This kind of effects comes up often in the Samsung 3d TV. Other brand like Sony or Panasonic also has active glasses but their flicker issue is lower than the Samsung. I think the wisest 3d to buy is LG or Vizio like yang mentioned above.
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