Sharp lcdtv has flashing green light instead of powering up

sharp lcdtv has flashing green light instead of powering up and it does not turn on
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  1. On sharp LCDs, that indicates some sort of power issue, or power supply issue.

    if you are uncomfortable cracking open your TV's case, i'd recommend searching sharp's website for a local repair shop!
  2. The frequency and color of the blinks will indicate the issue. There is a hold-down button sequence to try to backdoor your way into the set to see if the panel will light. You may have simply racked up too many "weird tuner faults" and need to reset it. My suspicion is that it's either that or bad panel backlight.

    Unplug set, press and hold (on set) volume-down and channel-down and hold them while pluging in set. Will come on with "k" on screen, or will crash again if backlight bad. If it stays on, use your remote and arrow right then look for "fact init" and any other reset and turn them on. Arrow back up to "fact init" and hit enter. Let set recycle to green and unplug/re-plug in 5 seconds: the set should be in OOB state.
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