Presario V6000 (V6642EA) Not Detecting DVD Drive

I have a Presario V6000 Laptop (V6642EA) and recently the DVD drive stopped being detected by Windows and by Bios. I have managed to get it back once simply by removing the CMOS battery but this only got it back untill I turned the laptop off. The DVD drive still have the light on and you can hear the disc spin up but the BIOS wont detect it too boot from and windows (Vista Home Premium 32) doesnt have it detected anywhere not even in device manager.

I have looked around the internet and it seems to be a pretty common problem on this laptop but havent seen anything that has fixed it definativley. I have also flashed the BIOS to the latest and tried the upper and lower filter trick I have read about on the internet which neither have worked (I dont have an upper or lower filter)

I have also checked and the drive is not dead its just the computer wont detect it.

Can someone help me as this is driving me nuts
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  1. My only advice would be to send it in to HP/Compaq and have them deal with it if it is still under warranty.
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