BSOD multiple ".sys" files/drivers

As said in the title I'm having a blue screen problem pointing to several different .sys files, most of them seem to be drivers. Here is a list:

The message varies:


I wouldn't be here if I hadn't already tried the basic:
1.I've run memtest86 for over 5hours and no errors were found
2. Tried to repair the system with the installation dvd
3. Formatted and reinstalled windows 7
4. Installed windows in a different HDD with a different copy of installation dvd

But the BSODs continue...

Computer configuration is:
i5 3550 - good temps
Gigabyte GA-B75M-D3H - ???
2x 4GB Kingston 1333Mhz -already run memtest
Corsair 500w - I think it's enough
EVGA GTX 560 - the drivers reported doesn't seem to be video drivers
Seagate 500gb (was with system at start)
Seagate 1TB (instaled windows later)

Is it possible to be a motherboard problem? Seems to be the only thing left...
What more can I do to fix this??
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  1. Test the PC with a minimum configuration (one RAM stick - test each RAM, onboard graphics) and see if still BSODs.
  2. So... No BSODs so far (just some minutes- before it would BSOD while windows was loading or right after I logged on my user) running on onboard graphics. Does this mean my video card is bad ?
    But this is strange cause I could go through the whole windows installation with it and it also doesn't BSOD if I boot with Hiren's Boot CD
  3. Now install the other RAM stick in dual channel and test again. If all's fine then it's a video issue (hardware or driver)
  4. Actually I was testing with both RAM sticks. But then I decided to test them so I did this:

    1- Removed 2nd ram stick from 3rd slot - bsod stoped
    2- Put 2nd stick alone in the 3rd slot - BSOD - I thought 2nd stick or 3rd slot was bad so
    3- put 2nd stick on 1st slot - no BSOD
    4- put everything the way it was before - no BSOD so far and posting now from the computer
    I was having this problems for over a week and had already tested the sticks on different slots with memtest86 and now it works? Gotta be kidding me... F*ck I don't understand anything anymore, just hope it stays this way.
  5. It might have been a bad contact issue.
  6. Run memtest86+. Possible bad RAM.

    Next thing to check: I'm seeing two crashes in the USB drivers, plus a crash in the Readyboost driver. Are you using a USB stick as extra RAM? If so, that could also be the problem.
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