Do i need atk110

Just bought a new GPU HD7870, I am now getting random crashes (BSOD) usually from just sitting at the
desktop never while actually gaming or watching videos, The Blue screen jumps up so fast i can only catch:
Display driver ATK0110 Display filter failed.... then the unit reboots.
I used to have a Gamer OSD that came with the ASUS MOBO, do not really miss it and beleive its related to
the ATK0110.
Running Catalyst 12.4 (newer 12.6 and up cause horrible artifacts in games) these worked wit HD 5870 card

Can I just unistall the OSD ASUS software?
Spec, I7 2.9ghz, Windows 7 ultimate 64bit, 16gb ram, 120gb SSD, HD 7870. No overclocking
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  1. What is the OSD software, is your MB Asus ? Sure you can uninstall any software.
    Disable "Automatic Reboot/Restart" in control panel, system, system recovery settings.
    Download and run "WhatCrashed" it will analyze kernel dumps.
    ATK is part of ATI drivers, you may want to replace, any time you install video/audio/net drivers, re-run directx setup to fill in missing files and replace the old.
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