Gateway P-7811FX Burning up

So as the title says my laptop is burning up. When I play COD4 MP it gets up to 100-110c according to Rivatuner (which I am still trying to figure out). When I play WoW or CS Source it hovers between 80-100c.

Besides blowing it out is there anything else that can be done to help this?

Ive build desktops in the past but have never taken apart a laptop other than the covers on the bottom for the ram and such. My fans sound like they are working fine and I have the computer elevated in the back and good airflow around it. It sits in a hole on my desk with my KVM switch hooked up to it for KB, Mouse and Monitor.

The act of taking this computer apart is very scary to me but if that is what needs to be done I have a reliable computer shop here in town that I could have test the fans and reapply some thermal goop like quicksilver.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.
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  1. So did I post this in the wrong section or is there no other ideas?

    I read something about changing the fan cycles with a program called rmclock but it doesn't seem to like vista 64...
  2. dissassembly guides are all on youtube, or google pics and step by step i have 5 p-78 series, once youve taken it apart piece of cake, just take your time be careful with motherboard which has to be taken out to apply thermal paste, clean all dirt debris off fan radiators clean fans with q-tip i use windex on it, takes grime off better, be extremely careful with ribbons and connectors irreplaceable,pretty much unless youre rich... i use ICD7 thermal paste on cpu and video n memory chips by video card, my p-7811 runs with open firefox, yahoo, antivirus, malwarebytes cpu meter and cpu temp 35celsius, ive done this to all 5 laptops p-7805 runs at 36-37 celsius but it has 8gb memory n 500 gb h/d has more apps going, gaming cod is 70celsius or so on 7805 havent tried it on 7811 probably close, hope this helps someone this is an old post. :o tommy
  3. I have the exact laptop. Mine was running too hot and I realized I had a bunch of dust that had built up in the fan sections on both sides. Took the back cover off and cleaned it all out nicely.
    If you want to use a vacuum, just pin down your fans so they don't spin too fast and get damaged.
    My temp. went down and mine normally runs at 32 degrees Celsius.
    Get 4 little rubber feet that you put at the end of a walking stick or the legs of a chair and put them under the existing rubber feet so your laptop can breath properly. Mine stands about an inch high off the desk.
    I use an wireless keyboard and mouse to make that easier.
    You can also use a little fan that feeds cooler air underneath your laptop. That helps a lot.
  4. Hi :)

    After cleaning out with compressed air, use a cooling pad...

    All the best Brett :)
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