[HDMI] DVD Player Having Problems Connecting To TV

My father owns a Vizio 42" flat screen TV that was just bought this Spring from Wal-Mart. He also has a Panasonic Surround Sound Home Theatre DVD Player from 2006. He purchased an HDMI cable (that's about the extent of his knowledge on it) for $8.

He has connected the DVD Player to the TV through the HDMI ports and when turned on, there is the normal DVD Player menu. When an iPod is hooked up to it, a menu is shown for it as well and can be used.

When a DVD is placed inside and played, it will play the video/menu and then cut off back to the main DVD Player menu - refusing to play the DVD.

I've tried all that I could think of and I've milked as much info about the hardware as I could from him. Can anyone offer any help to get it working properly?
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  1. Sounds like the DVD player mechanism is broken. Not the type of item you would repair (too exspensive usually) so a new one with Bluray player would make sense.
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