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I have a Packard Bell easynote Argo C2 laptop and it will not boot. Switching it on and nothing happens. The power light comes on as well as the hard drive light,but it stays on all the time. I have pluged a seperate monitor in but all i get is a blank screen. Pressed f2 on boot up to try and get into the bios but no joy. Put the hard drive into a tower and every thing tests out ok,i can access all the files on the drive. I have removed the battery and power lead held down power button to drain remaining power. I have then after 10 minuets replaced battery power lead adn tried again nothing not even a bleep. Any suggestions.
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  1. It seems like something is amiss on either the MOBO or the PSU. Depending on the age of the laptop, I'd either call it and get a new one or bring it to someone who knows how to replace either the mobo or psu.
  2. Hey econ

    I am facing the same problem dead display nothing happening even pressing F2 n F12 tried every thing but its not working. Well this thing happened to my laptop after i change it Advanced bios setting by enabling different GFX options and once i saved n reboot it show nothing just blank even two lights showing on n fan is also working properly but thing is that no display and once pressing any key nothing is happening. In my case it happened to due change in BIOS setting bec my laptop was working perfectly .

    So if u rectified ur problem do let me knw or any one else know how to rectify it do help us guys .


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