HDMI to VGA useless(for my case)?

Is it pointless for me to buy a HDMI to VGA cord for my PC? My card supports HDMI but my monitor only supports VGA. So I thought about it and thought it was usless cause the HDMI goes back to VGA.. I only have 10 bucks left on my Visa Gift Card.. so thats why I'm being ridiculous asking this question and trying to find something cheap for my PC/
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    Well, until you can save up a bit for a new monitor with HDMI or DVI inputs, it's probably a good idea to go with the connector so you can at least use the monitor.
  2. I guess I could just buy the cord for other purposes I might encounter.. oh what the hell. And yes I can use my monitor aha. I'm connecting via standard vga to vga cable right now.
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