Dell U2711 or U3011

I have a Dell WFP3007 and need an upgrade. Got a couple dead pixels I want to get rid of for a long time now.

The U2711 has a 10% pixel count disadvantage but has higher pixel density. I need to decide between the two.

I am leaning towards the U2711 for the higher pixel density right now since my iPhone 4 with wicked pixel density looks amazing. But I never actually seen the U2711. Does it offer a better looking image?

Maybe I should hold out for 120hz at these resolutions but that seems to be at least 1 years behind until Nvidia actually get display port on their cards.
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  1. It's no fun holding out on a new toy;) I've seen the iPhone 4's display in action and like you, I was very impressed. I think that you should shoot for the u2711, as you'll be getting the best picture possible for the money. The only thing I'd be worried about is the 6ms response time if you are into gaming. I'm sure that you have checked out the reviews, but here are few just in case:
  2. A comparison shows the U2711 to be 30ms slower than the Dell 3007 without a built in scaler. Which is more or less 1 frame worth of lag. About the same or less than a U2410.

    That should be too much of a concern right?
  3. The image scaler is not too important since the graphic card will handle any scaling if you decide to use less than native resolution or plan on scaling up a DVD or Blu-Ray movie.

    If the U2711 has 30ms more input lag, then that is almost an additional 2 frames above whatever the Dell 3007 input lag is. 16.667ms = 1 frame of lag.
  4. After some research the U2711 does have a game mode which can allow it to bypass some of its internal circuitry to reduce input lag down to 20ish. Which is above average.
  5. The below review indicates the U2711 has a "normal" input lag of 30ms and "gaming" input lag of 28.1ms. Not a large difference at all.

    It's not much better than my NEC LCD2690WUXi which has internal electronics to improvement image quality, color accuracy and backlight uniformity; input lag is 32.5ms.
  6. I've read a dozen reviews that speak very highly of the U2711.. If I had the money I might go that direction before the U3011.
  7. So I went for the U2711.

    Its is pre-calibrated but thats only for Adobe RGB and sRGB settings. So if you want to use something else like Game mode then you need to do it yourself but thats ok since I have a Spyder 3 Elite.

    My 30" has no scaler and thus little to no input lag. Using that as a reference the U2711 scored very well. It averaged is 20ms but it can be as high as 30ms or low as 5ms.

    The newer H-IPS panel has no sparkle effect. The black levels I dare say are almost as good as a quality VA panel.
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