Empty email attachment at the top of my outgoing and incoming emails.

In my Windows Live Email account, I have been noticing an attachment box at the top of the incoming and out going emails. It has ATTOOO, then a number and underneath that it has a number then a dot htm. When I click on it, it reveals the same information that is in the accompanying email.
How do I get rid of this pest please?
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  1. Are you sending e-mails as text and html as attachment ?
    Are you receiving e-mails as text and set html as attachment ?
    Search thoroughly through your e-mail client options and settings.
  2. Thanks for replying.
    I am not sending any attachment at all. Too, I checked and I am sending out emails with Plain text. I cannot find where to check in coming emails. Can you help guide me to that please?
    Thanks again,
  3. The left most tab has a file icon at the top, click that and go down to Options then Mail and Read tab at the top. You will see "Read All Messages In Plain Text", I think if you unclick that you get rid of it. As for the header, it looks like AT&T. Under the Send tab is your "Send Mailing Format" check HTML or Plain Text.
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