Tracing stolen i pad with serial number

Is it possible to trace an I pad with a serial number?
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  1. Hi :) can contact Apple and the Police though...

    All the best Brett :)
  2. First thing you do is download app when you buy it, so you can track it if lost or stolen. If you didn't do that, game over. Buy a new one, and get the APP. Lesson learned.
  3. fastrac101 said:
    Is it possible to trace an I pad with a serial number?

    Not really. However, as mentioned, you could go to an apple store with your original purchase receipt and identification that matches that receipt and see if they were silly enough to try to re-register the device with their name, email and/or phone number. Then you could take that information to the police.

    I'm assuming you didn't have "find my ipad" turned on. In that case, you could just jump on and punch in the same userid and password and track it from there (and probably still let the police take care of it).

    John Smith
  4. Probably a .01% chance of getting it back I heard most of the times thieves don't even resell the whole Ipad they scap it for parts and sell it like that so that it is untraceable.
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