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I just bought a xp2800 cpu, but in the bios it only allows me to set the speed to 1.2ghz or 1.6ghz, i have looked around on the net and saw that the xp2800+ should be 2ghz+.
All diagnostics i run say i have an xp2000+,my motherboard is an Asus a7V333 and using win2kpro any help would be much appreciated.
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  1. The A7V333 board only supports a fsb of 133, the xp2800 needs a 166 fsb. Not to worry though, as you can up the fsb on most of those boards to 166 manually and the pci /agp divider will reset to 33/66.
    Just go into the bios and set the fsb to 166, and you are away to the races.
  2. thanx for the quick response, i went into the bios and which to change?
    CPU/PCI Freqency (MHZ) [133/33] or
    CPU Freqency Multiple [12.5x]
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