How to power old 2.1 speaker set?

Here's the sitch...

I was given 3 speakers (2 sats and a sub, 30W total, at 8 ohms I believe) that didn't include any cables or a receiver. Each speaker has a black and red (+/-) "spring" jack. This is all I know about them. I do not own a receiver or amplifier.

So my question is...

What's the cheapest way to power all 3 speakers in a 2.1 setup for a TV?

I know that 2.1 computer speakers can be used via the headphone jack on a TV, using the TV's headphone amp I presume, but these speakers don't have a headphone cable. Here are some ideas I've had as to how to power them...
1) Hook them up to a 3 or 4 channel headphone amplifier (Surely this can't work, but I don't really understand why not).
2) Hook them up to a 2 channel stereo amplifier, with the satellites using the two channels and the sub using the headphone jack (Again, I'm sure this can't work, but I don't know why not).
3) My TV has 2 sets of red/white stereo jacks, so I suppose I could make 1 satellite a "red" speaker, the other a "white" one, and the sub a red AND white? or it could use the headphone jack? maybe?

As you can see, I'm a noob with home audio and would really appreciate any insight from y'all. Thank you!
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    Your speaker must have come from a system with the sub amp in the electronics rather than the sub itself. You would need to get an amp for the satellites and a subwoofer amp/ crossover. This would work but is discontinued. Try ebay for a used one
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