White screen on Samsung NP-NC10 netbook

I have a Samsung netbook that the screen is white when turned on. When it first started you could open it to certain angle and it would work but if you moved it either way it would turn white. Now the only time the screen is not white is when it is opened a couple of inches not allowing you to view the screen. Any Ideas of what it could be? Its about a half a year old.
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  1. Since I first posted I got brave enough to pull the screen bezel off and wiggled the wires around. I got the screen to work again but am at the same place as when the problem started. When I turn the netbook on the screen will turn white for a couple of seconds then start working and it will flash white every couple of minutes after running.
  2. It should be under warranty. At least it probably was before you pulled the bezel off.
  3. Experiencing white screen problems as well. Intermitten, with adjusting brightness and powering down the only remedy. Mine is about 14 months old and got it from Amazon who said too bad for you (15 day warranty from them). Is it still under warranty from Samsung? Have they addressed this issue? Recall?
  4. I have the same problem. I correct it by using the Functin key (Fn) and down arrow key (screen dimmer). This fixes it so I can see the screen but the problem keeps returning and I have to repeat the action.

    I want to monitor this thread for any possible sulitions other than a hardware problem. For a $400 computer repair cost would not be fiesible.
  5. Thank you so much for the last solution. I have been plagued with the white screen for ages. It only happens when I plug the power lead in. If I pull it out again it goes back to normal. Generally it doesnt bother me as I usually work from the battery, but occasionally I need to use it while recharging and then the white screen is a nuisance.
    But I just tried the Function key down arrow that adjusts the screen brightness and, miracles, the screen dulls down a bit and then appears as normal...
    Been trying for ages to correct it so really appreciate the help...
  6. This is a well-known issue on the NC10; just Google it. Most techs say it's a bad cable from the motherboard to the screen though some say attaching an additional ground will fix it. There are videos.
    Glad I bought the SquareTrade warranty on mine. Love it otherwise.

  7. If it under warranty take it back.. if not and are brave enough you open it up taking great care (part vid on You tube that only shows the back coming off) watch out for the hinge/cable covers they can break off the lid, (super glue repairs if needed) after removing the screen very carefully open up the insulation on the cable and gently pull at each wire, I found 1 had broken where it goes from round to flat on the back of the screen, I managed to solder it together and rebuild it and has worked fine since, no white screen..

    Or you can get a new cable off Ebay and fit that, (various prices £30 to£50) but you will have to open up the keyboard area to access the other end of the cable.
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