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I have a 5 to 6 year old Samsung S4041D TV that had been slow to come on for about 6 weeks and now will not come on at all. (Common problem I understand) I replace 4 capacitors ( 2 were bulging on top) but it still just clicks same as before. The red light on the front of the set blinks 4 times after each click.

I really don't want to spend a lot of money (new board) unless I'm sure that would fix it. Suggestions?
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  1. I'm assuming you have a service manual if you're digging into capacitors and such. I'd probably take a look at power supply voltage before you replace boards. Samsung sets in the past do indeed have some pretty funky issues with their power systems.
  2. I had a friend check the output on the powerboard and it was fine, it seems to be the main board and everyone seems to be out of the one I need.
  3. The pcb part number is BN94-00963E
  4. ordered the part from for 99$. Installed it and it works fine
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