How To Install Exe. Files From CD/DVD w. WINDOWS 7?

How do I access, to install an exe. file from the cd/dvd drive on Windows 7?
I'm familiar with this function on Windows XP Pro, but Windows 7 is way different.
I'm trying to install AVAST antivirus on a relative's Toshiba Satellite laptop.
I downloaded the avast_free_antivirus_setup.exe file to a CD. When loading
the CD on the drive, Windows 7 launches AutoPlay program, it recognizes the CD
with the given name "AVAST 2012". When I click, it doesn't show the antivirus
file name. Any suggestions? Thanks. PC
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  1. Don't use optical media? Get a flash drive. CD's are pretty much worthless for read/write of data. Try right clicking and click on open. The exe should be there.
  2. go to the Computer icon on the Desktop or in Start/Program menu.

    Right-click on the CD/DVD drive and choose "Open Autoplay" and then select "open folder to view files"
  3. oh yeah, make sure that you are not hiding any files and showing all files and extensions.
  4. I'd tried R/Clicking earlier, then using "Open in AutoPlay", which gave the option, "Open Folder to View Files".
    I selected that option & nothing appeared. I tried the "Expand" option as well. Same result. I'll try your idea w.
    a Thumb Drive. XP Pro has the "My Computer" icon & R/Click "Explore" option; an easy way to access all Drives
    & install programs. Oh, the hidden file feature isn't on either. Thanks to both of you responding. PC
  5. load the sofware on a usb pen drive and then do the exe install directly from there that should work fine,did you load this free one
  6. I used a Thumb Drive & AVAST installed. The program's scanning the system now. Last question.
    I cleaned up all the misc. programs on his laptop. I rebooted earlier before installing AVAST & internet
    explorer is blocked from running by "MyStart by" I researched on my laptop w. Google
    & its a highjacker attached to Internet Explorer. I'm reading up on it now. If you have any suggestions,
    please comment. Thanks PC
  7. use malwarebytes free to remove spyware software also remove the incredibar from internet explorer search engine and go to the registery and remove all the keys associated with incredibar or you could use revo uninstaller free to do that also the program on the c drive use ccleaner or glary utilities to find any left over keys
  8. The laptop can't access the internet.-I've written down your notes.
    -download this program onto a Flash Drive again from , install & run it.
    -I know how to access the registry w. XP Pro (regedit), but not Windows 7. What's the method?
    -I'll start downloading now & look for your reply on locating/accessing the registry. Thanks again.
  9. it is the same in win 7 on the start search for program and files adding this on avast put all the settings on expert and made scan for all containers also advise the user when it gone install software to uncheck all the toolbar that they suggest you
  10. I installed & ran all 3 programs. IE loaded, but always defaulted to Babylon. I'd cleared it from the Mange Search Providers, Remove Programs & default browser. After rebooting it still defaulted, so I knew it was embedded in the Registry. I used regedit & found 16-20 locations. After deleting all, it finally solved the problem. It's 3:30 a.m. EST. Babylon is one of the most intrusive malware encountered. All the IE loading errors are fixed. I also used YouTube videos for reference. Thanks so much-You're definitely at the Pro level. PC
  11. I'm not familiar w. using revouninstaller. I realize its more efficient than using Add/Remove Programs option. I wanted to use it to remove "" which now loads as the home page. It also must have attached to IE & imbedded in the registry. I thought it was his game homepage. Its not. It doesn't show in the settings for Internet Home Browser, Manage Search Providers or Add/Remove Programs area. I'm going to remove all traces from the registry. Do you have any guidance for this removal? Thx PC
  12. I really need your expertise 1 last time. I can't resolve the IE-7 Blank Page default loading. I've loaded & run all 3 programs you've recommended several times. When IE 7 loads, I can type in any webpage site (MSN, Google, etc) on the http:// browser line & works fine. Your program suggestions have made the laptop operate much faster. I researched "about:blank" on-line & found that its also a highjacker. I located & removed it within Registry. There was only 1 item imbedded. I removed the other malware; Babylon, Funmoods,
    etc. Internet Explorer won't load correctly w. it's title, add-on & status bars; only the Blank Page. I've been searching for hours w. no results. I think I need to reload IE-7 as an alternative correction method. I also can't locate the earlier 7 version in Microsoft's website. Please assist. Thx PC
  13. TRy resetting IE to default settings: Click on Tools/Internet Options/Advanced/ then select "Reset Internet Explorer Settings."
  14. could you post a picture of that about blank you write from in internet explorer
  15. I finally was able to change the home page to Google. My older daughter came by & took it home, so I can't send you a capture now.
    I posted my partial solution last night. I used the Manage Service Providers, deleted all but Google & clicked apply.
    His connects fast to internet pages now. I'll need to go over & clean up his registry better; leftover, deleted program file fragments.
    I'll need to download/read the Revouninstaller instructions. I want to use that instead of the MS Add/Remove Programs.
    You've been a great resource & truly appreciate all your guidance.

    I'm using my daughter's older 2007 macbookpro laptop; she got a newer model. Mine is slowing down & needs to be cleaned up.
    It's running snow leopard 10.6 o/s w. 180GB HDD

    I need your advice on finding/installing the best, free antivirus, registry cleaner, etc. for this Mac.
    1. Are the 3 programs you recommended; Malwarebytes free, Revouninstaller & CCLeaner all compatible?
    2. How do I run how do I run the equivalent of Disk Cleanup & Disk Defragmenter?
    Thx Phil
  16. for the defragmentation i use defraggler for antivirus software it is avast and also work on mac and for registery i use ccleaner or glary utilities and they are all free ( for avast put all the settings to expert and made all container to be check ) i also use a lot of more free software on my pc ask if you need some link and for the web surfing i mostly use firefox
  17. Scout, I'm full-scanning w. Avast now on the macbookpro. I use this program on my pc laptop & desktop.
    Once finished, I'll find & change the settings to expert level. I think the laptop needs the Defraggler & CCLeaner run to increase speed.
    That'll be next.

    *I can also use your guidance for the other software preferences on my PCs.
    *If you already have the web links handy, that would be a great help.

    I've installed the other 3 programs sent on the PCs; CCleaner, Revounistaller, Malwarebytes on them.
    I've never tried the Firefox site, but will.

    *How do I disable SSL/TLS in my mail client & enable the mail shield preferences? Can you send me the steps?
    Avast is sending a pop-up message.
  18. right click on avast icon on the taskbar you will se open user interface thenunder resident protection go to mail agent open expert settings you will see ssl account click on it and uncheck the ssl box and press ok,do you need something else i am on line now
  19. scout_03 said:
    right click on avast icon on the taskbar you will se open user interface thenunder resident protection go to mail agent open expert settings you will see ssl account click on it and uncheck the ssl box and press ok,do you need something else i am on line now

    I just read your note. I'm following the instructions. I'll email you back soon. Thanks
  20. ok phil will be around
  21. scout_03 said:
    right click on avast icon on the taskbar you will se open user interface thenunder resident protection go to mail agent open expert settings you will see ssl account click on it and uncheck the ssl box and press ok,do you need something else i am on line now

    I opened the Avast Icon. I don't see the open user interface.
    for menu options, I see status, scan computer, scan reports, shields, additional protection.
    I found in the u/r corner, wrench icon; avast preferences:
    shields/pop ups/on demand scans/misc
    inside is file system shield/mail shield/web shield.
  22. scout_03 said:
    this is the complete set up and settings from avast

    printing instructions out now. it'll take awhile to read through.
    when opened the avast icon, must be missing something obvious.
    as mentioned, the program pop-up window seems limited.
    seems more for monitoring scan/report statuses.
    thanks for the patience. just undergone 3 major orthopedic joint surgeries,
    one/month & 2 GI surgeries. been in intense pain, but necessary.
    last ortho surgery is end of month.
  23. i will be around phil since i got all my time as a retired men
  24. i scanned thru the manual. i don't have a tool bar or access any of the addl features mentioned.
    i must have a limited user version, or didn't download the full program.
    i may have to uninstall or reload avast.
    i want to send you a screen capture from this mac. How can I do that?
    i tried outlining, then control/c control/v, but that doesn't work.
  25. use a image hosting like this one and post the link on the forum of you upload picture
  26. scout, i'd like to ask you instructions on import/post images & using revounistaller, via home email; it'll be easier.
    my avast menu doesn't have the features shown in the manual. i may have to uninstall/reinstall.
    pls email me at:
  27. i've included the http link for the free mac avast download, from their home page.
    pls look at the 4 center images, click & they enlarge.
    these are the images & limited functions that i have. pls advise.
    i want the additional features you mentioned, but they're not included w. this download
  28. pls send the mac revo unistaller version link. your earlier revo uninstaller link was windows version. i've searched on google & filehippo.
    the only mac link found was fyxm. it said mac version, but when clicked on, a notice shows that its a windows version. pls send mac link tonight. i want to remove limited avast version & install the saved sophos instead. thx Phil
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