Core2duo vs dual core

I want to know which is the best processor core2duo,dual core,iseries
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  1. Dual Core is just a term to refer to CPUs with two cores. The Core 2 Duo is a Dual Core CPU, as well as the Pentium E-series and Core Duo CPUs. By "iseries", do you mean i3, i5 and i7? It depends on the CPU. A higher-end Core 2 Duo will beat out a lower-end Core i3 or i5. Core i7 is currently the fastest CPU you can buy and is a quad-core, meaning it has 4 cores.
  2. Dual core= A CPU with two processing cores on it.
    Core 2 Duo= Dual Core Brand
    Pentium D= same, but slower
    etc etc etc
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