Mic aint recording

Don't know if this is posted right, anyway:
I have a average headset from ACE. I have had no problems with it before, used in Skype n all.
Today, nobody can hear me. I tried the headset on another computer and it worked fine.
Tried the soundrecorder and it didnt record what i said, it recorded very quitely what other people said in my skype.
I have checked in the control panel, nothing is muted and the levels are on max, nothing is muted in Realtek HD audio either.
The plugs is 3mm (green n pink) not USB.

I have no clue why the mic isnt recording anything.

On vista btw

Thanks for any help!
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  1. bump. come on guys, there must be a way to fix this?
  2. Plug in the mic. Then:
    1) Check Skype to make sure your mic is set to its default recording device.
    2) Check Windows (Control Panel>Sound) to make sure the mic is set to the default recording device and that the Stereo Mix device is enabled.
    3) If neither of those help, uninstall the Realtek drivers and let Windows reinstall the drivers itself. (Make sure you're connected to the Internet when you do this step.)
    4) If it still isn't fixed, can you get another mic to see if the problem is your pink microphone port?
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