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Got a new laptop and I'd like to use it to watch some of my DVD's on. Anybody have suggestions for good DVD playing software?

Also, I'd like to experiment with ripping the DVD's onto the hard drive. I heard the programs for doing that are getting pretty good these days. Any suggestions there?

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  1. You need either PowerDVD, or WinDVD to watch. Actually you only need the codec from one of these, but thats not really the point.

    As for ripping, thats a very big question, and you want to go to

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    If you are ripping to convert to mpeg4 try Fair Use. In addition to being great all in one ripper converter it also has great initials, FU (RIAA)!

    Smartrip is awesome and Clad works fine too. Doom has em all.

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  3. fair use is awsome, but i wish there were a new version that uses the new codec.

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