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I have a Compaq presario V3702AU laptop.I tried updating my Windows Vista home OS to Windows 7 but faced some problem with the display. The maximum resolution of the screen that I can select is only 1024x768 whereas my Vista OS supports resolutions higher than that. Also in device manager I can see only Standard VGA graphics adaptor.

How can I increase the screen resolution???
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  1. have you installed graphics card driver..

    hp don't have windows 7 drivers but vista drivers may work fine

  2. I tried to install the graphics driver from windows vista but it is not supported. Also I tried to search the internet for any drivers available for Win 7 but didnot get any...:(
  3. instead of following standard installation try to to install it from .inf file that extracted during drivers installation on you C: drive..
    go to device manager & select update option of video card then locate the inf file if c:/spXXXX
  4. Thank you.. i will try and do that... but in case of Windows XP the drivers are automatically selected by Win 7...Why we need to update the drivers for windows vista?
  5. bcz the drivers are not developed for windows 7, written for vista.. there may be some changes in installer or something else...(i'm not an software person to explain clearly to you)
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