How to find program files of games installed on d drive

I was wondering this because i have an ssd for my boot, and a hdd for my storage. i am installing borderlands 2 on the hdd and i need to get to the program files. are they on the one on the c drive or where else? I am wondering because last time i looked i didnt see them there
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  1. Hi, Check for something like Program files\Steam\Steamapps\common\Borderlands 2 By default, if not specified otherwise when starting the installation, it's the C drive.
  2. I think you can search the postfix of the file, many games are stup
  3. Which files are you rerferring to, specifically? The game files themselves, or the folder with user data that the game creates in C:\Program Files or C:\Users\Yourname ?
  4. the ones that are normally put in the C:\Program files or C:\Program files(86x)
  5. Games tend to pick that as the default install these days, but you can obviously tell it to install elsewhere. Most games will however place certain information in your Documents folder or in the AppData folder, which is normally hidden.
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