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Hello, I took my laptop to the repair shop. They determined my hard drive has bad sectors or something like that, so they want to replace the SATA hard drive. They also suggested upgrading my memory. I have no problem with doing these things but they want to charge me like twice as much as what they would cost if I bought the parts directly from Toshiba. They won't let me buy the parts from Toshiba and then they would install them. So my question is, since I am willing to replace these items myself, what do I need to do first to make it so that I can replace the hard drive? They were going to make a backup of the hard drive to save what they could but I don't have any info on there that I truly need saved. I need to load on all the software anyhow. I would gladly give them the $100 they wanted to charge to make the backup and replace the hard drive and memory, I just didn't like getting ripped off for the hardware. I've replaced things on my tower before, just never a laptop. Thanks!
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  1. You don't need to buy either from Toshiba -- go to Crucial Memory website and type in the laptop model and they'll recommend the correct memory.

    Hard disks are pretty much generic -- if you stick to roughly the same size/brand it should work -- if in doubt remove the drive and order an identical model.
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