Coax to HDMI or ?

I purchased a Samsung 46" LED TV from Costco - I broke the antennae jack off - my dumb tax -- I refuse to return to Costco - not their problem. Can anyone give me ideas to connect COAX from anennae of cable to the TV using HDMI.
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    Sorry but the the antenna connection goes to the tuner in the TV so you can't just use an adaptor. You would need to purchase an outboard tuner with HDMI output such as this
    This is for over the air TV. If you have cable you will need a cable box.
  2. Was afraid that might be the case - but then again the repair bill to fix is $400+ - so the $130 for the Firebird-System might be cheap. Anyone else have any ideas -- thanks for the reply.
  3. AA is right, that's as cheap as you are going to get for a new product.
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