New PC running like a dog

Hi folks,

This is the machine I've just built -
Barton 2500 CPU
Crucial 512Mb RAM (CL 2.5, PC2700)
30Gb 133 ATA Matrox
Pioneer DVD
MSI GeForce FX5200 128
Asus Nforce2 MB - A7N8X

Not too much else really, basic system. Here is the question - Why do games still run slowly? I loaded up Splinter Cell and set everything on max, then selected 1024 x 768. Jerky, fair enough, it isn't the meanest vid card, lets cut it down. So, I set it to 800 x 600 and medium settings. Still jerky!!

So, tried Hitman 2. Set everything to max and I'm getting jerkiness again, and all hell to pay if more than one enemy pulls out his guns.

Any suggestions? According to Asus Probe I'm running at around 38 degrees celcius, so shouldn't be overheating or anything. Was I expecting to much of my new system?


BTW - I am running dx 9.0b and nvidia 43.something drivers.
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    Nuff said.

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  2. Its the screencard??? Farg! Could I get some confirmation on this, coz if thats the case, I'm gonna try send it back and get a diff one.

    Wayne MacD
  3. LOL. I think he has got the FX5200 (non-Ultra)

    I feel sorry for all FX5200 and 5600 owners.

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  4. The 5200 is a budget card. A Ti4200 is faster for about $80, and a 9600 or 9600P would be MUCH faster, but more expensive.
  5. The jerkiness could be coming from your Asus board and PCI latency, get powerstrip and reduce your PCI latency, it worked pour moi!

  6. Get rid of that Vid Card. It's a piece of crap. I have TI4200 and I can play those games no problems.
  7. *sigh* New something had to go bad. :P

    Ok, 5200 out. No big budget, so what card should I look at? Someone said also not to get the 5600? Is the FX range just bad? ATI instead?

    Thanks folks!

    Wayne MacD
  8. Radeon 9600 pro, if not look at a geforce 4 TI 4200/4600
  9. FX range is terrible in DirectX 9, you'll want at least a 5600 Ultra for DirectX 8. Or an ATI card for Direct X 9, but the fast ones start at around $160.

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