Is it normal for digital tvs to be blurry

recently bought a hd toshiba wich 70 perct of the time is perectbut when ou have big blocks of colour has in black mainly iit has all lines in i best way to desribe is like a water mark . i have had a brand new sky hd bx and dish so i called out an engineer from john lewis ad he said its normal cos digial cant cope with blending in all the shades like my old glass tv and iwill get used to it is this riht
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  1. I would assume you are watching television on mixed HD/SD content. Your HD channels will be sharp, colors will be solid, and you shouldn't see much artifacting. When you watch SD programming, the TV, and TV box will do the best it can, but you do end up with a muddy, fairly blurry image. Any recording that isn't in HD will do this.
  2. Why would a digital tv be blurry? Let me just put the LG LM960V for an example. This model screen is built with Nano LED technology for Full HD. This means the black depth and backlight uniformity is more developed than other models. Also has dual-core processor keeps the motion stable from blurriness. Any digital Tv that has blur problem is not worth buying.
  3. Except... it has very little to do with the TV. You can throw all the hardware specs, and marketing jargon you want to around. That still doesn't change the fact that SD (Non HD) Programming was never recorded at 1080p, and never intended to be upscaled on a screen with almost 10x the pixel density. The older the content, the worse your signal is going to be. Unless you're spending multiple thousands of dollars on a high quality dedicated scaler, you are going to have a blurry image on that non HD content. If you have an issue with HD programming, that is a separate issue.
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