why can\'t hd 2400play netflix hd ?


I have an AS Rock P4vm890 (p4 518 cpu@2.8 Ghz) with an ATI/AMD HD 2400 pro pcie card. I can play video in hd on my seiki sc221 fs monitor with any other source than netflix with silverlight. Netflix support is of no use on this subject
as they refer to a standard sheet of excuses instead of technical solutions. Any insight into this would be helpful.
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  1. Your system meets the minimum requirements for netflix SD streaming, but they don't actually state their minimum HD requirements. At one point i had a Dual Core Pentium D 2.8Ghz, and it really struggled with it. Most people have had zero luck streaming HD with less than a Core2 Duo / Athlon II, 2 GB Ram. Your P4 simply can't keep up with the video. From my research, Netflix is far more CPU bound than GPU Bound. You also need 5MB download broadband to get HD, 3 MB for DVD, and 1.5 for broadcast.
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