AKAI 50' DLP TV - Worth Fixing?

I have an approx 8 year old 50' Akai DLP tv. When turned on today... works fine for about 3 minutes then screen goes out but still hear volume. Then completely turns off about 30 seconds later. Hear fan running when on. Is it worth fixing? How much will it cost to repair?
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  1. Sounds like you have some sort of issue with your optical block, or power supply. Depending on what you define as worth fixing, you're looking at 75-100 dollars for a shop to diagnose, probably 2 hours of shop time (75 bucks an hour or so), plus parts (which could be anywhere from 100-400 dollars). BARE Minimum, I'd guess $200. You can get a brand new 1080p 50" Plasma or LCD for ~$600.
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