Viewing 3D on a non 3D TV?

I recently got a new PC with a HD 6950 and i seen that it supports 3D. I also have the 3570k. If I get a 3D blue ray player and a 3D supported HDMI cable can I watch 3D movies on a non 3D TV? The TV does support HD.
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  1. No, you cant. You will mostly likely get the same picture side by side, as your TV can't overlay the two like a 3D TV does. You need a 3D monitor or TV to be able to watch your film in 3D.
  2. I have a LG 3D TV and it has the option of letting me watch 2D channels or anything 2D and convert it 3D. Really great feature.
  3. Yeah man, get an LG smart tv or something if you really want to see 3D. The only 3D you can view on a non 3D TV is anaglyph which is basically using the blue and red filter glasses from the olden times. Remember Hannah Montana 3D the movie? Yes, it's that bad lol.
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