Does 1920 x 1080 mean Full HD?

Does a resolution of 1920 x 1080 automatically mean it's Full HD,or should it be seperately mentioned?

Thanks =)
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  1. yes it does. 1920x1080 = 1080P
  2. It should, in theory, unless it's 1080i, which is basically 720p. What are you looking at?
  3. A Full HD monitor.While looking online sometimes it is written as "1920x1080 Full HD" in the specs yet sometimes it's just "1920x1080" so I wanted to know if they were the same thing or different?
  4. I'll use it mainly for gaming BTW.Now I started wondering,is it a good idea to get a Full HD for gaming?
  5. Any monitor would be able to do 1080P. 1080i has never been used on monitors.

    Higher resolution would make images look more crisp. In my opinion you sould go for the higher resolution monitor you can afford.
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