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it's 2012 and we bought our house 1.5 years ago and have been wondering about the dish on the side of our house. never heard of this company (direct TV) but the dish is there alright. can anyone tell me if it's open to service now (because we already have the dish) or will it work if a digital receiver is hooked up to it? even a link/number to their site would good since i can't seem to find them online. thansk in advance.
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  1. DirecTV is one of two major satellite providers in the US. The dish on your home will work for the service, but you still need one of their receivers. Most of the time, they will replace the existing dish unless it's within 3-4 years.
  2. I forgot to add that I am in Canada and called to which i was told it's illegal to provide service to our country. Which begs the question how did the Dish get their in the first place?
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    They probably billed it to a US zip code, and self installed it. It's fairly common.
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