Worries about a NEW Sager NP2180 Purchase

Hey gang, new to the custom-laptop world and wondering if I might have gotten in over my head on specs for price, quality... I am not finding too many posts on Sager reviews and/or the configuration(s) that I have opted for, but please give me your opinions' on the following:
This is the machine I put together, and now having a little buyer's remorse (and I haven't even received it yet!!!) grrrrrrrrrr :/

Product Quantity Price Total

Sager 2180
Sager 2180 Ultimate Custom Laptop Gaming Notebook Computer (Built on the Compal NBLB2) Qty: 1
Custom Made Vinyl Notebook Skin: Enter Skin # at Checkout / Email us the Design You Desire Qty: 1
15.6” Full HD (1920x1080)16:9 LED Backlit Super Clear Glossy Widescreen (w/o FP early Oct) Qty: 1
30 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee! (Others only give you 15 days) Qty: 1
ATI Mobility Radeon™ HD5650 1024MB PCI-Express GDDR3 Graphics Qty: 1
Intel® Core™ i7-720QM CALPELLA Clarksfield Processor, 1.60-2.80GHz, (45nm, 6MB L3 cache) Qty: 1
Arctic Silver 5 High Performance Premium Thermal Compound - CPU + GPU Qty: 1
4GB (4096MB) DDR3 1333MHz SDRAM (2 SODIMMs) (2gb + 2gb) Qty: 1
500GB l 7200RPM I SATA II-300 (16MB Cache Buffer) Qty: 1
8X DVD±R / RW / 4X + Dual Layer Drive with Software Qty: 1
Integrated-Built In Fingerprint Reader (Free!) Qty: 1
Enhanced High Definition 3D Audio Sound System with S/P DIF Digital Output - SB Compatible Qty: 1
Integrated Built-In Bluetooth Module + EDR Qty: 1
Integrated 2.0 Megapixel Digital Video Camera (Built In Webcam!) Qty: 1
Integrated Built in 10/1000 Fast Ethernet / LAN Network Card Qty: 1
Integrated Built in Intel 5100 Advanced-N WiFi Link Qty: 1
Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium 64 Bit Installed (64 and 32 bit CD included with drivers) Qty: 1
Standard 11.1V Smart Li-Polymer Battery Pack 3800mAh, 42.18Wh Qty: 1
Standard Full Range AC Adapter with Power Cord Qty: 1

Anyway, I just came from an HP dv-5 1004nr (it served my net browsing needs, but media LACKED)
and while I was semi-happy with that in '08, I needed more punch, and wanted the ability to pump down on some pc gaming as well, the titles for pc are just to good to pass up....
My HP ran me about $900 when all was said and done, after upgrades, and the Sager I ordered (yesterday evening) ran about $1,400 after all "customizing" was done...

-worried about quality and longevity,

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  1. Don't have buyers remorse. That laptop is an excellent machine. I am currently using the 8690 and it is excellent as well. FWIW HP doesn't make laptops, nor does Dell or gateway or sony or most of the other major name brands.

  2. NP5793 owner here. Best notebook I've ever used. Solid, cool, good looking, and has performance to match and exceed. You'll be glad you did when you get it.
  3. That really does give me a little relief guys, but upon further investigation, I am starting to see more reviews of "dead-pixel" issues than not... I have come to gather that this might be because people will post when issues arise, and not, when they don't, so I am probably just getting all of the bad info, and all the satisfied customers are probably too busy enjoying their hardware!!! hahaha
    Do either of you have any suggestions, upon arrival of the machine to keep in mind while I am setting it up?? I am hoping it doesn't come with all of that software set to launch at start-up, and make me go thru turning everything off/uninstall/etc...
    I would prefer it clean, and then just activate my protection and preferences from there...
    Like I said before, this will be my first truly custom machine, and I plan to keep it running at optimal levels to provide the function that I need... I would certainly appreciate any FYI's, Heads-up's, Cautionary measures, etc...
    Thanks again for the peace-of-mind, but I am sure you will agree that it doesn't entirely come until I have it in front of me... hehe
    they said yesterday (custom reseller) that it is scheduled to ship to me Mon the 29th of March... Getting nervous and excited all at the same time... (kiinda hopin to savor the feeling, as it really only comes around once every purchase/3-4 years, if you're lucky, right??) haha

  4. I was delighted when I first turned on my Sager - the only thing it came pre-installed with was Nero (which I'm not exactly arguing about, considering it's actually useful). The bloatware was non-existent. They may have changed their policies since then, but I doubt it.

    The only real thing you need to keep in mind is to keep your heatsinks and fans free of dust. Your notebook should be fine as long as you treat it nicely (no spills, drops, left in hot cars, etc).
  5. I am certainly an over-cautious user, if there is such a thing, so do any of you have an idea of where I can get a decent priced had-case for my new machine when I get it??
    Getting really excited now, and it is supposed to ship out Monday... Not too sure of the expected time of arrival, but if it is "en route" and not held up at the factory, I'll be ok, I think... haha
    I asked Sager to include the software that it might come with, just not installed, so that I can install with my own config and prefs... hopefully they will will honor that, but if not, I can just go through the motions, I guess... I think the hard case will REALLy prolong the life of the machine, and my g/f seems to be a little "accident-prone" so I would like to safeguard against that... I'm giving her my old machine, so that she will be able to have something that will work for her, without the ol', "can I borrow your laptop, because mine won't do this... It keeps shutting down...."
    yeah, her's is a piece, and this was the move to keep us both happy, well, I am hoping anyway... I always wanted to tailor one to my needs, but I had a certain budget to stick to, and hoping I went the best route I could, just wasn't sure where it was better to cut corners, and where NOT to sacrifice... :/
    You both have been a great help so far, especially at calming my nervousness, but any additional thoughts/comments would always be welcomed!!! :)

  6. 1) I've owned my Sager NP5760 for about 3 years or so and couldn't be happier. It offered better performance at a better price than anything on the market at the time. Supports been good and my system came without the bloatware you get with larger companies like Dell and HP.

    2) My system came with all of the driver CDs, as well as the copy of Windows they used on the initial install. My laptop also came with a pretty sturdy shoulder bag, not sure if they still do that though.
  7. I am so ready for a new machine... I am using this super generic notebook from work until mine arrives, and without rights, I feel like I am in a rundown coffee shot, using a public gateway or something... :(
    I have been searching all over the place to just try and make sure I did not place my order too soon, and checking other models to see if there was "more bang for my buck" so-to-speak... I am finding some pretty comparable packages, while trying to put together identical configurations, maybe in a more asthetic package, but sometimes those looks can be pricey (i.e. backlit keyboards, lids, etc...) I would gladly sacrifice high-end looks for high end performance, but I keep thinking, for just this much more, I could have THAT, or THIS, etc...
    Guess I could do that all day, but still, I am starting to wonder if my model (2180) has the ability to upgrade down the line as needed, or if it has it's limitations in that respect... Any thoughts?? I also believe this is a NEW model, so I am not able to see many posts around about it... This kinda worries me, as I am used to going with what has been proven, vs. taking the risks... Too costly for me right now...
    I sure do appreciate all of the help thru this... Another thought, do all of the intel i7's have the power boost tech, and how likely is it that this would even be applicable in usage?? This will be my first notebook that I will be able to game on, as I have been a "console-man" to date, bc none of my previous machines have had the punch to handle it... With gaming, biz/media apps, and everything i do on notebooks, I wanted to try and get something that would satisfy all of these needs... I understand that I was unable to get the top of the line right now, but further upgrades as I go, well I was hoping this would be an option for me as I discovered what needed to be done, and where I needed improvements...
    BTW I am hoping for some sort of case to come with that bad boy, but not really expecting it (since it wasn't used/listed as an incentive to buy)... I plan to price some hard cases too in the weeks to come, just for peace of mind... Plus I think they look cool... What other mods might be available for this model, if known??
    I have been reading about how important the cooling systems are, and yet another concern... Are there table-top coolers available to rest my notebook in while stationary at home maybe?? While gaming and using high performance tasks?? I was also considering a lighting display for night usage, since this model does not have the appealing lit keyboard... Are there suggestions on various types of products for illuminating w/o being overkill??
    Thanks again for any and all assistance... I might be jumping into this a few years behind most, but I truly see my need for this now!!


  8. Hey Siggy whats the battery life on your sager?
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