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Looked around and have not found anything really instructive on this. I am running a HTPC(8800 GTS using component dongle, C2D Proc with Gigabyte mobo, Win 7 OS) to an older panasonic projection HDTV. Out of nowhere, 1080i resolution started displaying only with a very pink hue. 480p works fine. The problem is maddening. My digging has turned up the possibility that there may be a short somewhere or GPU could be going. Other than that, is there some windows setting that I need to tweak(changed after update perhaps?). Thanks in advance.
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  1. Wow, that's a new one on me. I guess i'd start by checking your driver version. If you have just updated them, try rolling back to the last version you knew was good. Should also verify your resolution and refresh rates are correct. 1080i x 59.97 hz. If your set supports it, you should also try to force it into 720p, see if that holds the color.
  2. Thank you but I figured it out. It is hard to believe this was the problem but it was. The power can be unstable in my area(little remote) and it seems to be the cause. I have one of those high-dollar monster power surge protectors and the problem went away after I reset it. I found this solution in another forum so it does happen apparently, although rare. Maybe this can help someone else.
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