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I have my PC hooked up to two monitors at the moment. One being a regular LCD PC monitor and the secondary an LCD TV. I hooked up the TV to the audio out port on my motherboard with a 3.5 to RCA (Red and white) adapter. Not getting any audio though, so I've obviously messed up somewhere.

Anyone know how to do this?

If you need any info, just ask. I know I've probably missed something essential here. Sorry.
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  1. are the two screens hooked up directly to two ports on the back of your computer or are they through a switching device?

    how are you connected to your television? dvi (pc out) to hdmi (tv in) ? does your video card support sound over dvi if yes to previous ?

    do you get sound through your other monitor?

    do you have a home theater system or pc speakers hooked up to your pc (or tv) ?

    under your sound properties which device are you exporting sound to currently?


    i know for a fact that if your video card supports sound out via dvi then you do not need a 3.5mm to RCA cable for sound. i directly hook up to my receiver which is how i know. if you use another setup... the same might be true but i havent dealt with it directly.

    you might want to check in your tvs menu or scroll through inputs. perhaps the "auxilliary audio in" is directly tied to a particular input channel.


    a few things to try out... let us know what you find out.
  2. Both are hooked up by VGA through a DVI>VGA converter.

    I *can* get sound through my normal monitor, but it requires a male to male 3.5mm jack.

    Not sure what you mean by exporting sound though. I'm not exactly clued up when it comes to these things.
  3. and what about my other questions? the more you answer the easier it is to give you a solution.

    by exporting sound i mean under your speaker settings where it lists all the connected/installed devices which is set to default. normally this is only one device (pc speakers or headphones for instance) but since you want multiple devices i'm not sure if this is causing issues.


    *if* your video card supports sound over hdmi (i believe most decent cards do) then the easiest way would be to use a good dvi->hdmi cable. i know for a fact that the evga cable that came with my video card works like a champ.

    another highly possible culprit is that the sound and video are both going to the tv but are on different inputs. for instance the video might be on "PC" and the audio might be on "AUX1".
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